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Selling the horse

I'm not a salesperson. I always joke that if I had to sell for a living I'd be in a cardboard box. I do my best, try to get that perfect picture, the perfect video, but after all these are animals and they really don't care if they are perfect or not. Let's get real they aren't. As much as we want to portray them in their best light it's not always possible. We did a video recently, I've shared it, sent it to the people who asked for it, and got lots of comments. Everyone says I don't understand why this pony hasn't sold. That makes two of us. I probably have her under priced, well for me to make money or break even she is. Breeders get the short end of the stick. If you aren't a breeder or have bred at least one horse, then sorry you just don't know. As we move in to the colder months this isn't usually the time people are looking to buy. It costs more to maintain them in the winter. I hope Chyme finds her forever partner soon. People are missing out, this is one special girl. Sorry if her video doesn't show her to be a Breyer pony ready to compete at nationals tomorrow. It is what it is.

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